IMBM awarded two grants: SA-Germany and SA-France

IMBM was awarded two bilateral grants. One program is aimed at furthering work on a biosurfactant produced by an enzyme identified through screening of metagenomic libraries (SA-Germany; Dr. Anita Burger). The second program (SA-France; Prof Marla Trindade) is to develop phage-based therapies targeting the entomopathogenic bacterium Paenibacillus larvae responsible for American Foulbrood disease affecting honeybees as well as knocking out the plant pathogenic bacterium (Xylella fastidiosa) found on olive trees. Both programs will see researchers from their respective countries exchange for a period of two months to perform either sampling for phages (SA-France) or training (SA-Germany) with respect to construction and screening of metagenomic libraries and characterization of biosurfactants. Both programs are set to start early in 2017.

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