Dr. Heide Goodman



Contact: hgoodman@uwc.ac.za


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Who am I:

The title of my PhD thesis, obtained in 1982 from the University of Cape Town, was Repair systems in Bacteroides fragilis Bf-2. The research was exciting, mainly because the study of microbial genetics and biotechnology was in its infancy. However I have always been fascinated by microbial diversity, by the variety of ecological niches in which microorganisms are capable of growing and by the linkage between microbial diversity and microbial function. I am therefore thoroughly enjoying working as administrator to the inter-disciplinary team of scientists and postgraduate students working in IMBM. Undergraduate teaching at UWC is challenging but I enjoy interacting with the students in lectures and practical’s. When I am not at the institute, I love spending my time with my family and being out and about in Cape Town. I wander around on the slopes of Table Mountain (with my faithful bull terrier by my side to ward of the muggers) or on the beaches. As a family, we enjoy exploring Africa – traveling further and further each trip we go on. Addicted to surfing!

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