Dr. Walter Nevondo

Name: Walter Nevondo

Position: Lecturer

Contact: wnevondo@uwc.ac.za

Tel no: +27 21 959 2817

Research project:

Delivering on metagenomic promises



Who am I:

I was born and raised in Limpopo province, Africa’s Eden and I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Limpopo. After graduating my BSc degree (honours), I worked at Oleoresin production company, PaprieX Pty Ltd, as a laboratory analyst.  My responsibilities were mainly QA and QC. Although the industrial environment was exciting and challenging, I left three years later to enrolled for M.sc in Biotechnology at the University of the Western Cape.  My thesis focused on Nickel and cobalt uptake systems such as ATP-type transporters and related permeases.  I continued to do my Ph.D. focusing on in vitro expression systems and high-throughput screening of mixed microbial DNA using FACS. While writing my Ph.D. thesis, I joined the University of Cape Town, Pathology department as a scientific officer. My primary project was to estimate the time for the establishment of the HIV-1 latent reservoir. This was a Miseq intensive project which requires multiple viral RNA extractions, RT-PCR and deep sequencing.  I was also sizing HIV-1 latent reservoir, both at DNA and mRNA level,  in African woman using ddPCR.  After almost two years at UCT, I re-join UWC (IMBM) as a lecture.  My main project is to develop a high-throughput cell-free metagenomic screening platform.

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