Positions Available

                    Postdoc, PhD and MSc.  positions

The Institute is seeking suitable candidates to fill several MSc, PhD and Post Doctoral positions available on offer for 2015-16. Projects available and the respective Principle Supervisor are detailed below.

General inquiries can be forwarded to Professor Marla Trindade.

Applications should be made directly to the Principle Supervisors:

Prof Marla Trindade:            ituffin@uwc.ac.za

3 x Postdoc positions available as of 3 March 2015 !

Projects include: Bioinformatic analysis of metagenomic sequence,  Engineering of microbes for improved evaporation in brine ponds and Analysis of bacterial genomic sequence with an emphasis on secondary metabolite pathways.

1 x PhD position available immediately !

This is a “sandwhich” PhD position between UWC and the University of Wageningen (http://www.wageningenur.nl/en/Education-Programmes/PhD-Programme/Categories-of-PhD-Candidates/Sandwich-PhD-Candidates.htm).

The focus of the project would be to investigate novel secondary metabolite pathways in marine microorganisms, extracts from which have shown unique neurological, anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory properties.


Dr Bronwyn Kirby:           bkirby@uwc.ac.za


Please note that PhD and Masters bursaries can only be awarded to South African citizens.


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