Lola Afolayan

LolaPosition: PhD

Research project
: Lead extracts screening from marine natural products for activity against M. smegmatis and M. tuberculosis.

Brief project description:

Marine natural products offers a unique and vast array of chemically diverse compounds which have been reported to be effective antibacterial leads.  However, only a few of these compounds are reported and little information regarding the use of marine natural product in the treatment of tuberculosis (an airborne bacterial infection) is available in literature. My research focus therefore aims to chemically and structurally characterise new and effective antibacterial lead compounds from marine natural product which could facilitate the development novel drug design and discovery for tuberculosis treatment.

Degree qualification:
Masters: BSc Biochemistry
Honours: BMedSc Pharmacology
Undergraduate: BSc Medical Microbiology

I like spending time outdoors with friends in nature reserves. I also enjoy watching documentaries, and listening to current affairs.