Dr. Bronwyn Kirby-McCullough

Position: Senior Lecturer/Manager of Next Generation Sequencing Facility

Contact: bkirby@uwc.ac.za\bronniek23@gmail.com

Research Project: My main role is running the sequencing facility, however I also conduct research focusing on members of the class Actinobacteria

Who am I: I obtained my PhD from the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Cape Town in 2007. My thesis was entitled ‘The characterisation of actinomycetes isolated from diverse South African sources, with emphasis on the genus Kribbella’. I joined IMBM in July 2011 as a post doctoral researcher working on a water research funded investigating the role of constructed wetlands in the treatment of winery waste water. I subsequently changed projects and went back to my favourite organism, actinobacteria, studying their diversity in extreme habitats including the Antarctic Dry Valleys and Ethiopian Rift Valley soda lakes. In July 2011 I said goodbye to being on the bench full time as I was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biotechnology and manage the Next Generation Sequencing Facility. While my main role within the department is running the sequencing facility, I have developed my own research group focusing on actinobacteria and I am particularly interested in studying actinobacteria-plant interactions, pathogenic actinobacteria and novel gene discovery.


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